My name is Anna Klardie
Academy of Arts St. Joost
Academy of Arts Tilburg 
The Netherlands
   There is a lot of variety in my works of art. I make drawings, paintings, computerart and graphics art. 
   Especially the making of etchings in the classical way is my speciality. I also make use of printing 
   techniques, so that work can be printed on linnen. The sizes of this work can be ordered up on request.
   A great number of my works could to be seen as spiritual, I am spiritually gifted myself by the way. 
   The style of my work can not be placed anywhere specifically, the viewer can observe that for him or 
   I make my work with feeling for colour, composition, space, each time a new voyage through the world of 
   colour and experience. Colour can mean so much for us, people. It can bring space, calmness and balance, 
   if used in the right way. Colours and forms are part of nature, the Creation. And not only in this world, 
   but also in other spheres outside this reality. Colours can open doors in our consciousness.
   Purity is allways to be found in my work for that reason. And a lot of love, love for the Source.
   I drop a tear in the ocean, whenever you'll find it I will stop loving you (but I know you never will).

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